Walk of Shame EP Release Party – Live at Barfly – October 25th, 2014 – Montreal (Review)


Bucketlist Music Reviews
October 25, 2014
by Jessica Valiquette

After having the chance to listen to, fall in love with, and review the Walk Of Shame album …And Begin, I had the chance to attend their album launch. The only way to get across how excited I was for this event is to say that even though I worked all day and was completely exhausted, nothing was going to stop me from seeing this show!

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Walk of Shame – …And Begin (Review)


Bucketlist Music Reviews
October 18, 2013
by Jessica Valiquette

…And Begin, the new album from punk rock band Walk Of Shame, is a gift to the world. As soon as I heard I was going to be reviewing the album, I was extremely excited. And, after listening to the entire track list, I can proudly say that this album has earned a spot on my phone. It is a perfect example of what the music scene has been missing for quite some time now. In bringing those things back, this refreshing recording is a real joy to listen to from track one all the way through to track twelve.

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