Walk of Shame EP Release Party – Live at Barfly – October 25th, 2014 – Montreal (Review)

Bucketlist Music Reviews
October 25, 2014
by Jessica Valiquette

After having the chance to listen to, fall in love with, and review the Walk Of Shame album …And Begin, I had the chance to attend their album launch. The only way to get across how excited I was for this event is to say that even though I worked all day and was completely exhausted, nothing was going to stop me from seeing this show!

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Walk of Shame – …And Begin (Review)

Bucketlist Music Reviews
October 18, 2013
by Jessica Valiquette

…And Begin, the new album from punk rock band Walk Of Shame, is a gift to the world. As soon as I heard I was going to be reviewing the album, I was extremely excited. And, after listening to the entire track list, I can proudly say that this album has earned a spot on my phone. It is a perfect example of what the music scene has been missing for quite some time now. In bringing those things back, this refreshing recording is a real joy to listen to from track one all the way through to track twelve.

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Walk of Shame – Live at Barfly – August 2nd, 2013 – Montreal (Review)

Bucketlist Music Reviews
August 2, 2013
by Liz Imperiale

I wanted to arrive “early” to this show, as I found out the band would be generously handing out free merch for those coming early, such as sunglasses, and guitar picks. As my photographer, Johnny and I walked into the venue, we inhaled a horrible ‘sweaty balls vs. throw up vs. bad body odour’ smell. Why oh why, Barfly did you smell so? I decided to grab a six dollar Indian Pale Ale blonde beer as soon as possible thinking maybe intoxication woulddistract me from it.

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Montreal Live Review – Walk Of Shame at Katacombes (Review)

The Scene Magazine
June 10, 2013
by Liz Imperiale

It was my first time seeing this band. They played a kick ass set full of ridiculous musical talent, attitude, and energy. This band reminds me a little of The Sex Pistols, meets Dead Boys. Had the stage been bigger, maybe we would have seen more of this. Fun night.

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The Shape of Punk That Was (Review)

July 23, 2012
by Johnson Cummins

The debut of ex-U.S. Bombs/L.E.S. Stitches/Jerk Appeal guitarist Curt Gove’s new band, Walk of Shame, happens at Barfly, with support from the Lovely Haze and DJ Colt 45. After years of delivering the low-slung Gibson barrage for a plethora of punk bands, Gove is finally stepping up to the mic for the first time. If their recent demos are any indication, expect Nils-level songwriting skills topped with some Johnny Thunders sleaze.

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Past Shows

2015/09/05 with The Oppressed, Vagabonds and Kingcans Montreal Coop Katacombes Coop Katacombes
2015/07/31 with Urban Waste, Bunchofuckingoofs and more... Montreal TRH Bar TRH Bar
2014/10/25 with DJ Colt 45 Montreal Barfly Barfly
2013/11/02 with Last Minute Miracles Montreal Turbohaus Turbohaus
2013/08/02 with The Disablers Montreal Barfly Barfly
2013/06/08 with Swingin' Utters and Addington Lennox Montreal Katacombes Katacombes
2012/10/15 with D.O.A. and Society's Ill Montreal Foufounes Électriques Foufounes Électriques
2012/07/28 with The Lovely Haze Montreal Barfly Barfly
Walk of Shame: Montreal Punk Rock ‘n Roll!

Walk of Shame is Montreal based Punk Rock Band formed by:
Curt Stitch – Lead Vocals and Guitar
(U.S. Bombs / Lower East Side (L.E.S.) Stitches / Jerk Appeal / The Radicts)
Sylva – Drums
Davey Rawkit – Guitar and Back Vocals
(Von Rebels / Haddonfield (Victoria) / Freshman Effort (Regina) / Defending Our Yesterday( Regina) / Shallow (Nova Scotia))
Sébastien – Bass and Back Vocals
(The Lookout / Akuma / Twenty2 / Bugs of Budsland)

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